Corporate philosophy


Our tradition is change. The most continuous process is continual change. Over the past 30 years we have always been ready to constantly improve our service to match the interests of our customers, to risk and to learn from mistakes and thus to remain open for innovation and progress. The equal partnership with our customers, employees and partners is based on confidence and safety and it is this that guarantees lasting success.



Tight, trim and dynamic. Due to our tightly structured organization of short distances we are able to meet all requirements quickly and efficiently. Therefore we waive hierarchies and rely first and foremost on competence. A well-structured organization both creates flexibility for our personnel to act autonomously and independently and thereby improves motivation and performance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



Quality is not up for discussion. There can be no compromise for our services and products when it comes to quality. This is the reason why we are not willing to live with compromises. Delivering quality means thinking quality. It is our task to include the required level of quality into our working processes and services and to ensure its implementation. All employees share the responsibility equally to meet the level of expected quality.



Service must be taken for granted. Service is not simply good form, it is an integral part of our service. We always strive to offer our customers a comprehensive service characterized by service commitment and problem solutions, each plan and action benefitting from our flexible, punctual and secure approach, which form our service standard.



Today is tomorrow’s yesterday. Particularly in our industry, time is essential for the delivery of success. Marketing strategies are short-lived and fast-moving and confronted with constant competition. We don’t want to lose our competitive advantage by operating too slowly. Therefore, all customer operations are processed immediately and each partner receives an immediate answer to any question.


Fair Play

Fairness, success and competition are not contradictory. Fairness and openness in dealing with our customers, employees and partners as well as competitors are prerequisites for a credible service and ensure longstanding relationship. Unfair methods are all too often the reason for difficulties and subsequent loss of credibility. We want to make the most of the opportunities offered to us, but not at any price. We prefer to ensure our lasting presence.



We keep our promises. Complying with agreements and keeping promises in any case remains our business. Therefore we do what we say and we say what we do. This is our standard for action as well as for communication. We act and communicate directly and thus avoid delays and any ambiguities. If something does not work out appropriately, we face up to it and meet the challenge head on.



The human is the be all and end all. We respect people in everything we do. We act in a Christian and socially just manner. All decisions are made with a sense of humanity. When we commit, we commit ourselves to the individual and not only to economics. Economics and humanity are not mutually exclusive.